Denzil Stewart Nature Park River Bank Stabilization Demonstration Project

Logan City will be implementing a bank stabilization demonstration project at Denzil Stewart Nature Park beginning Monday, November 7. The work will require temporarily closing the park during the month of November for public safety. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This is the first project to be implemented as a component of the Logan River Conservation Action Plan, developed by the Logan River Task Force working with Logan City, BIO-WEST, and Allred Restoration. The project will stabilize a segment of the river bank near the pedestrian bridge entrance to Denzil Stewart Nature Park. The bank will be terraced and planted with native riparian vegetation. Restoring riparian trees and shrubs will provide habitat for birds and shade the river improving water temperature for trout.

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The earthmoving work will be completed this fall, then riparian vegetation planting will occur in the spring. The restored river bank will serve as a demonstration area for landowners and is intended to be a place for the community to learn about river restoration concepts. Informational signs will be installed when the work is complete.

The Logan River Task Force is a group of Utah State University faculty and local interest groups who share the vision of “making the Logan River system a showcase of ecologically viable, socially beneficial river restoration.” More information about the Logan River Restoration Conservation Action Plan is available on the Parks and Recreation Department website at

The next project from the Conservation Action Plan will be at Rendezvous Park and will start spring of 2017. This project will address sedimentation issues in the lower reach of the Logan River at its confluence with the Blacksmith Fork River. Logan City is also providing other enhancements in the Rendezvous Park vicinity, including completion of the trail connection between Rendezvous Park and Trapper Park.

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