Tuesday, December 13, 2016
7:00 P.M.
6:00 – 6:45 Pre-Council meeting Study Session – No Council Votes or Outside Input
During This Time Period.
1. Pledge and Welcome.
2. Approval of Minutes.
3. Deputy’s Report.
4. Business License Request.
5. Youth Council Report
6. Public Hearing to consider potential projects for which funding may be applied for under the CDBG Small Cities Program for Program Year 2017. Suggestions for potential projects will be solicited, both verbally and in writing, from all interested parties.
7. Discussion with Principal Shellie Healy of Park School Elementary relative to the transition from the current Park Elementary School building to the current White Pine Middle School building.
8. Public Hearing, no sooner than 7:30 P.M., to discuss the request by Corey and Brenda Anderson to disconnect Parcel Number 09-044-0056, 10.0 Acres, located at approximately 11400 North 1200 East from the city limits of Richmond, Utah.
9. Discussion and possible vote on the request to disconnect Parcel Number 09-044-0056 from the city limits of Richmond, Utah.
10. Discussion and possible decision relative to expiring terms of three (3) Planning & Zoning Commission commissioners.
11. Monthly financial review with discussion and decisions as necessary – City Recorder.
12. Council Member Reports:
a. Lyle Bair – Fire and EMT; Maintenance; Sports Committee
b. Kelly Crafts – Black & White; City Events; Parks and Recreation; Just Serve Outreach
13. Mayors Report.
Agenda Items for Next Meeting. Bills. Adjourn.

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