Cache Solar Discount Program

Cache County, UT — The Cache Solar Discount Program announces the continuation of the program for 2017, with new, lower pricing and financing options.  This year’s program will be launched at the 2017 Cache Valley Home and Garden Show on March 24th, and 25th, 2017 at the Eccles Ice Arena.  This will be a great opportunity for residents to learn about the process and costs associated with installing solar on their home.  

The Cache Clean Air Consortium launched the Cache Solar Discount Program, a bulk purchase program for all residents of Cache County, in 2015 in order to facilitate a clear and straightforward process for Cache Valley citizens to obtain discounted pricing for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) installations by combining purchases.  Due to the success of this program, Gardener Energy has extended the program for two additional years.

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In short, the Cache Solar Discount Program does the following:

  • Provides discount pricing for residential solar rooftop installations based on a bulk rate provided by the selected contractor for 2016.
  • Provides a simple, streamlined process for homeowners to purchase a system and obtain state, federal, and other applicable incentives.
  • Provides proven, quality products and excellent service.

Cache County residents who participate in the program should expect low prices, built-in financing, a simple purchasing process, installation of a high quality turnkey solar PV system, and assistance in obtaining state and federal tax incentives.

The process is as follows:  

  • Step 1:  Sign up on the program website ( where we obtain your contact information and preliminary site information.  Or, to obtain more information about the program before you sign up, attend the Cache Valley Home and Garden Show, or upcoming scheduled workshop (dates to be announced) at Logan City Hall.


  • Step 2: A program representative will contact you with a preliminary cost proposal, financing options, and free digital site assessment.  Receive preliminary cost proposal- Free Digital Site Assessment. Find out your solar potential!


  • Step 3:  Program representatives will provide on site evaluation & final detailed project proposal including a finalized panel layout, production estimates and system details.
    • Note: This step requires a $35.00 site assessment/engineering fee. The full fee amount will be applied towards the final cost of your installation should you choose to install.


  • Step 4:  Sign the contract and receive a worry fee installation.

Residents who are interested in obtaining more information about this program should send an email to, visit the program website at, or attend the solar workshops listed above.   

CCAC is a local non-profit affiliate of Breathe Utah that facilitates community partnerships resulting in actionable strategies to improve air quality in the Cache Valley region.

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