Denver Woman Earns More Than $900 in 30-Minutes During Trader on the Street Production

Learns to trade on Apiary Fund platform

April 18, 2018 08:37 AM Mountain Daylight Time

OREM, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the recent Apiary Fund Traders Summit in San Francisco, Jackie Chavez of Denver traded with Shawn Lucas, Apiary Fund founder and head trader, and together made more than $900 in about 30 minutes of trading during the filming of an episode of the YouTube series, Trader on the Street. The most any participant has made so far.

Jackie Chavez makes more than $900 learning to trade on Apiary Fund’s platform during filming of Trader on the Street.

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Lucas showed Chavez how to trade on the Apiary Fund platform. Their goal was to make at least $173 in one hour to show how easy trading can be with the possibility of making as much or more than a typical American makes in a day.

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Chavez beat her goal making $186 in 30-minutes. Since the account they were working on had been opened earlier in the morning and had made over $900, Lucas paid Chavez the entire amount the account had made.

Trader on the Street, is a fun approach to teaching people right off the street how to successfully trade and potentially make a little money. Lucas shows them each move to make and when to make it. At the end of the hour, the person keeps the profit made.

"Trader on the Street is a lot of fun," said Nate Allred, principal trader at Apiary Fund. "The participants have been accountants, solar installers, airline baggage handlers and other backgrounds. They all made money, but Jackie made most of all. It’s amazing to watch their reactions as they participate and see they are making money."

The series utilizes Apiary Fund’s trading platform. It costs them nothing, and there is no risk. They receive a check on the spot for the profits they make while trading.

People can watch Trader on the Street at or Apiary Fund’s YouTube page.

The Apiary Fund is a proprietary trading fund. Members receive access to trading training and coaching. They learn by trading unfunded practice accounts. When they reach a certain level of trading skill, they receive an actual account and trade using Apiary’s money. As they succeed, the fund shares a significant part of the profits they earn with them.

About Apiary Fund

Located in Orem, Utah, Apiary Fund is a private company that develops traders through technology and education.


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