In preparation for the upcoming Mosquito control season, Logan City asks that any residents who would like to be contacted prior to us spraying in their neighborhood or be put on the “do not spray list” can go online and fill out a form. This form can be found at Please remember that if you have previously registered for the “do not spray” or notification list you must call or email each season to remain on the list.

Mosquito control begins at home by eliminating sources of standing water around your home and neighborhood. The single most important step residents can take to help us fight mosquito populations is to remove and/or report standing water in yards and neighborhoods. Common sources of standing water are bird baths, pet dishes, flower pot drip trays, ponds, tires, rain gutters, wheelbarrows, wading pools, puddles, ditches, and unused swimming pools. It is important to either change the water in these locations frequently or take measures to prevent them from collecting water in the first place. Please do your part to help us control the mosquito population.

If you see mosquito larvae, empty the water or call to report standing water near you. For questions or to make a report of mosquitoes or larvae within Logan City Limits, please call Rex Davis, city forester, at 435-716-9749 or email him at rex.davis

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