June 2 – National Trails Day

June 2 is the 50th anniversary of the National Trail System and the American Hiking society is asking volunteers to pack out trash, clean up a park or get involved in a trail maintenance project. As the University of the Parks, SUU is committed to being good outdoor stewards and encourages the campus community to be mindful of their outdoor habits.

“Cedar City (and southern Utah) is blessed with amazing trail systems branching across the city, county, state parks, national forests, national parks and BLM lands,” said Dr. Briget Eastep, Director of Southern Utah University’s Outdoor Engagement Center and creator of the Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative. “These trails open Cedar City’s foothills and the backcountry to people of all ages and abilities to rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and souls. Some of Cedar City’s trails are less than a mile from SUU’s campus, making it easy to get out on National Trails Day and enjoy a hike with a friend.”

Events are taking place across the United States for National Trails Day, in all 50 states and Washington D.C. The closest event to Cedar City will be held in the city of Kanab, Utah, just 80 miles southeast.

While no events are happening in Cedar City for National Trails Day, Eastep encourages visitors to become a trail steward whenever outside.

“National events are wonderful reminders that public lands belong to us and can use our care and attention,” said Eastep. “Becoming an outdoor steward is as easy as picking up trash, staying on the trails, reporting undesired conditions to land managers, and practicing Leave No Trace wherever you go out.”

For more information about National Trails Day, please read this longer article… https://tbirdnation.suu.edu/get-outside-for-national-trails-day

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