Tendril Announces First-Of-Its-Kind Predictive Analytics Solution for Utility Customer Experience and Demand Side Management Groups

Tendril Home Energy Analytics Supercharges the Design, Implementation
and Marketing of Energy Efficiency, Customer Engagement and Demand
Management Programs

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tendril has announced the availability of Tendril Home Energy Analytics,
a revolutionary web-based software application that drastically improves
demand side management (DSM) program planning and performance. Tendril
Home Energy Analytics’ self-service usability puts a 360-degree view of
energy consumers at the fingertips of executives, program managers and
marketers. It taps directly into the Tendril Platform to search and
analyze hundreds of thousands of data points on each household to derive
insights on the profile and energy use of the home and occupant, the
products and services they are likely to purchase, and how they will
respond to promotions and recommendations.

“We’re always looking for innovative products to give our DSM program
managers and marketers a high-powered tool to better understand our
customers and provide them the services they are looking for,” said
Chuck Caisley, Chief Customer Officer, Evergy. “We’re expecting Tendril
Home Energy Analytics will give us the data and insights we need to
improve program performance, track and analyze results.”

Just as Software-as-a-Service was revolutionary in its ability to
provide access to more nimble and innovative solutions, when compared to
large enterprise platforms or internal IT efforts, these types of
“on-demand” analytics solutions will do the same thing. Tendril Home
Energy Analytics has the agility and usability to serve a DSM group’s
customer analytics needs by providing the following insights and setting
up the resulting actions:

  • Customer Engagement – Identify channel, content and messaging
    preferences to drive deeper customer engagement.
  • DSM Program Design and Operations – Understand which customers have
    inefficient homes, need a new HVAC, or are interested in a particular
    energy efficiency or demand management program.
  • Marketing – Find customers with a high propensity to purchase certain
    products or enroll in programs and target marketing efforts to those
  • Regulatory Proceedings – Substantiate regulatory filings with data
    that demonstrates an understanding of customer needs and preferences,
    as well as clearer expectations of program participation.
  • System Planning – Predict the location of new DERs, like solar,
    electric vehicles or smart thermostats, and model their impact on the
  • Customer Operations – Identify and proactively mitigate customer
    issues to reduce customer service calls.

“Utilities have massive amounts of data at their fingertips, but until
now it’s been a challenge for program managers and marketers to derive
actionable insights without using complex tools, most of which require
an experienced IT professional,” said Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril. “With
Tendril Home Energy Analytics we are putting the power of a robust
analytics solution in the hands of executives, program managers and
marketers. Its sophisticated insights and complex modeling are delivered
in a user interface so intuitive that any business user can leverage it
to design, market and execute their programs.”

Tendril Home Energy Analytics is available today. For additional
information or to request a demonstration, visit here.

About Tendril

Tendril is transforming the residential energy market. Our data
analytics on more than 123 million homes creates new business
opportunities for any product or service provider connected to the home.
Today, this includes electric and gas utilities and energy retailers.
Built over more than a decade, the Tendril Platform delivers real-time,
ever-evolving data about the home and how people use energy in it. These
rich insights help our customers improve customer acquisition, increase
engagement and orchestrate home energy experiences. For more
information, please visit www.tendrilinc.com
and follow us on Twitter at @Tendril.


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