Advanced Energy Announces Rockwell Automation AOP for Its New Fieldbus-Enabled Pyrometer Designed for Industrial Applications

Advanced Energy to Showcase Plug-and-Play Onyx-M Pyrometer Series at
Automation Fair 2018

Energy Industries, Inc.
 (Nasdaq: AEIS), a global leader in highly
engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control
solutions, is today pleased to announce that its Onyx™-M pyrometer
series, designed for measurement into the mid-IR and long-IR spectral
space, will also be available with a Rockwell Automation Add-On Profile
(AOP) that enables plug-and-play connectivity into Rockwell
Automation-controlled systems. An offering that is part of the Rockwell
Automation Encompass™ program, the Onyx-M will be featured at the Automation
® by Rockwell Automation in Philadelphia, Nov. 14-15,

Rockwell Automation AOPs are custom software wizards that allow quick
and easy configuration of third-party devices to communicate with
Rockwell Automation control systems. AE worked closely with Rockwell
Automation to develop an AOP for the Onyx series pyrometers with
features that enable customers to quickly integrate optical temperature
pyrometers into their new and existing thermal processes.

“Having partnered with Rockwell Automation since 2014, we are thrilled
that the Onyx-M will also be available with an AOP so Advanced Energy
can expand the support it provides customers,” said Mark Ritzheimer,
senior product marketing manager for Advanced Energy. “There’s no doubt
that the Onyx-M will prove to be an ideal solution for a number of
industrial applications, as well as to help further Advanced Energy’s
vision of a connected enterprise.”

The Onyx-M enables closed-loop control for critical processes and
delivers real-time data collection and analytics for thermal processes.
It provides customers with a wide variety of communication outputs
suitable for a host of needs, including analog, digital and common
fieldbus protocols (Modbus® TCP, PROFIBUS®, Ethernet/IP®, PROFINET® and
EtherCAT). The Onyx-M can further be integrated into AE’s Connected
Power platform for on-site or cloud-based scalable data collection and
analytics, and can also be configured in a wide variety of other mid-IR
and long-IR wavelengths.

In addition to the Onyx-M, AE’s Ascent AMS series and Ascent DMS series,
added to the Encompass program earlier this year, will also be featured
at the Automation Fair. The Ascent AMS series is a front-line DC
generator that provides performance and reliability required in modern
sputtering applications. For dual magnetron sputtering applications, the
Ascent DMS accessory combines with the Ascent AMS to provide higher
deposition rates and more precise process control than are possible in
traditional equipment sets. AE’s Onyx series of optical temperature
pyrometers meet the most demanding accuracy and precision requirements
over a broad temperature range for industrial manufacturing applications
and processes. For more information, visit:

About Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) is a global leader in the design and
manufacturing of highly engineered, precision power conversion,
measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and
processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex
semiconductor and industrial manufacturing applications. With
engineering know-how and responsive service and support around the
globe, the company builds collaborative partnerships to meet technology
advances, propel growth for its customers and innovate the future of
power. Advanced Energy has devoted more than three decades to perfecting
power for its global customers and is headquartered in Fort Collins,
Colorado, USA. For more information, visit

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