Subsentio® Launches Law Enforcement Assistance Services in Brazil

World’s Leading Trusted Third Party to Help Law Enforcement Agencies
Stop and Apprehend Criminals and Terrorists in Latin America’s Most
Populous Nation

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Subsentio today announced it has introduced its suite of advanced lawful
intercept, records production and data retention services in Brazil, now
the 22nd nation where the world-leading “trusted third party”
of legal compliance technology solutions supports law enforcement
efforts to stop and prevent criminal and terrorist activity.

Subsentio’s Safe Harbor Probe® will soon be available to Brazilian law
enforcement and government agencies to monitor potentially criminal and
terrorist individuals across a population of over 200 million. The Safe
Harbor Probe® is a proprietary solution that operates on a variety of
networks used by communications service providers.

Our Safe Harbor Probe® will be used by local and federal police,
support global standards and adhere to Brazil’s code of law,” said Steve
Bock, president and CEO of Subsentio. “We are very proud to provide a
suite of services that helps ensure national security, supports the laws
of every country where we do business, and as a direct result improves
the personal safety and quality of life for millions of individuals.”

Subsentio’s entry to Brazil, which takes place following an export
license approval by the U.S. Department of Commerce, sets the stage for
the company’s plans to provide the same crime-stopping, and often
life-saving capabilities throughout Latin and Central America.

According to a 2018 report
by the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian-based think tank focused on
security issues, every year more than one-third of the world’s murders
occur in Latin America, home to just 8 percent of the global populace.
Four nations – Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Venezuela – account for 25
percent of the murders on earth.

Lawful intercept and public safety go hand-in-hand,” said Joel
Margolis, Subsentio General Counsel. “Since passage of the
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act in the early 1990s, violent
in the United States have declined 48 percent. It is
Subsentio’s vision to spread this mission worldwide, in keeping with
other countries’ laws and policies.”

About Subsentio

Subsentio provides total solutions for compliance with records
production and surveillance laws including the Communications Assistance
for Law Enforcement Act. Subsentio’s CALEA Compliance Bureau model is
unique in the industry, providing all components essential to compliance
with the law, including outstanding technology, legal expertise, and
direct experience in law enforcement. The company is based in
Centennial, Colorado and Chantilly, Virginia, and serves 22 nations in
the Americas, Europe and the AsiaPac region.


Jim Crawford, for Subsentio

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