Logan Parks and Recreation Department is a recipient of the 2018-2019 UCAIR Grant

The Logan Parks and Recreation Department is a recipient of the 2018-2019 UCAIR Grant. The grant was awarded by the Utah Clean Air Partnership Board of Directors to the Logan City in November of 2018. The City’s proposal was for matching funds to replace two gasoline and diesel-powered utility maintenance vehicles for the Logan City Cemetery and the Logan River Golf Course to enhance air quality. The utility maintenance vehicle is a four-wheel, generally a two-seater, lightweight maintenance vehicle intended to haul gear and equipment on site. These vehicles generally weigh about 1,000 lbs. They are versatile, well-suited for the Cemetery and the Golf Course, maneuvering in tight spaces, leaving a smaller tread mark than full-size vehicles would, and being electric, these vehicles operate quieter than a gas or diesel-powered utility maintenance vehicle.

The grant provides matching funds for the City to replace the current ones with electric-powered utility maintenance vehicles. Since the month of March, Cemetery and Golf Course maintenance staff have been pleased with the performance of the electric utility maintenance vehicles. Over the past six months, staff have reported an obvious reduction in fuel consumption while accomplishing the needed tasks that are performed by utility maintenance vehicles in a timely manner and without lost time due to repairs.

For instance, the gas and diesel-powered utility maintenance vehicles in 2017 used 18 gallons of diesel and 11 gallons of gas during the months of April and May, and required 23 hours of repair, or time out of service. Comparatively, while the replacement electric utility maintenance vehicles are relatively new, for the first six months no service time was required, and there has not been a task that the electric vehicles haven’t been able to perform that were previously performed by the gas and diesel-powered vehicles during 2017-18.

The City Cemetery and Logan River Golf Course maintenance staff will continue to measure and monitor the performance and effectiveness of the electric replacements. The Parks and Recreation Department greatly appreciates the opportunity to partner with UCAIR and the ability to replace fossil-fuel utility maintenance vehicles with electric vehicles to enhance air quality in Logan.

For more information concerning this or other Logan Parks and Recreation Department programs or facilities contact us at (435) 716-9250 or stop by 195 South 100 West, Logan or visit us at pr.loganutah.org.

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