MD Referral: How ClinOne Enrolled 400 Patients in Oncology Trial in Just 10 Months

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#clinicaltrials–When an existing ClinOne client enabled our MD Referral application to support a global phase II study across the United States, Europe and Australia their results far surpassed everyone’s expectations. The sponsor’s aggressive goal to randomize 400 patients diagnosed with a rare oncology disease within 15 months — with ClinOne’s solution — dramatically exceeded this goal.

17,939 healthcare specialists, globally, from ClinOne’s MD Referral network were selected including: oncologists, hematologists and a small number of other specialties. Every site, on average, had 54 highly-engaged referring specialists within a 50-mile radius of the research sites that supported the study (ranging from 5 to 205 highly-engaged providers per recruiting site). ClinOne’s MD Referral network of referring specialty providers was highly-engaged within this study, and in alignment with the overall performance average of 24.7% for high engagement.

High engagement rates among the European network providers exceeded the U.S. sites by 12%, displaying a 12% higher degree of interest among those specialists in this study and patient referral opportunities. By enabling ClinOne’s MD Referral, enrollment rates in the U.S. were 56% greater than those in Australia, where it was not enabled.

Results: Throughout our engagement, ClinOne updated and refined the messaging of the automated letter that was sent to the select referral providers. Resulting enrollment rates throughout the only 10-month period revealed that ClinOne’s MD Referral technology increased patient randomizations from 21 patients at the start of enabling the technology to 377 enrolled patients during the following 10 months. “We are very pleased to help accelerate clinical trial enrollment; and provider recruitment should be a part of every clinical trial management plan,” according to Rob Bohacs, ClinOne CEO.

ClinOne’s MD Referral application successfully achieved the sites’ enrollment performance goal, with only one center failing to recruit a single patient. MD Referral positively impacted enrollment by accelerating recruitment and success of the trial, ultimately to provide a new treatment option aimed towards a cure. Read the full case study on our website, here.

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