Cancellation of the City of Logan Pioneer Day Parade and Celebration

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Logan regretfully announces the cancellation of the City of Logan Pioneer Day Parade and Celebration scheduled for Friday, July 24, 2020 at Willow Park.

The cancellation comes as a result of disruption to the planning for the Pioneer Day Celebration, current recommendations regarding social distancing at mass gatherings and public events, and financial impact to event sponsors. See list of current guidelines below.

· Guidelines for mass gathering include:

· Must have ability to track attendance

· No temporary mass gatherings as defined in Rule R392-400

· Event size can exceed 50 individuals if organizational oversight can be provided that ensures guidelines are followed

· A 6-foot distance must be maintained between household groups at all times including while seated

· For reserved-seating facilities, facility capacity is dependent on ability to block reserved seats (demonstrated on digital seat map) to ensure safe radius

· Set an established window time for high-risk groups to come in without pressure from crowds and/or separate entrances and queues

· Limit the number of people in a confined area to enable adequate distancing at all times

· Maintain signage to remind and help individuals stand at least 6 feet apart when in common areas or while visiting exhibits (e.g. museums, zoos, aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens)

· Distribution of promotional items, candy, food items, etc. during spectator events must be distributed in a manner that does not promote congregating

· Congregating at any point is not allowed

· Encourage contactless payment; disinfect between transactions at facility stores/gift shops and comply with other retail recommendations

· Participants (e.g., players, performers, actors) in events should have their symptoms checked

· Dedicated staff for sanitizing high-touch areas

Given the uncertainties that impact this event, we cannot move forward with planning, contracts, staffing and budgetary commitments.

For more information concerning this or other Logan Parks and Recreation Department programs or facilities contact us at (435) 716-9250 or visit us at

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