USU Hosted TEDx Unity Conference

During his final semester in office, Utah State University Science Senator Noah Braeger worked tirelessly to put on a TEDx conference, titled TEDx Unity. The event featured seven speakers and a musical performance, all carried out inside the Daines Concert Hall. About 100 students attended the event in person, with 100 more joining virtually.

Hosted by the Utah State University Student Association and USU Student Involvement and Leadership, TEDx Unity was an independently organized TED event created to bring people together for a shared experience enhanced by dynamic speakers.

“I would say that my experience in organizing this event was positive,” Braeger said. “It was definitely a lot more work than I originally anticipated. However, I was lucky enough to find a few people (Sophia May, Sally Devitry, and the production crew in the Caine College of the Arts led by Micahel Palmer) who were as excited about it as I was. They helped me see it through.”

The conference brought together experts to lecture on various topics. Six of the speakers were from USU, with another from Texas A&M. The USU speakers included: river scientist Patrick Belmont, political scientist Jeannie Johnson, mathematician Andreas Malmendier, sociologist Marisela Martinez-Cola, landscape architect Keun Park and business communicator Lianne Wappett. Texas A&M designer Michael Green also spoke at the event.

The conference also featured a musical performance from local Salt Lake City musical artist Jay Warren. The event was well received by all that were in attendance.

“I was very happy with how the event turned out,” Braeger said. “Everything went as planned. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of their help and dedication to the event. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

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