New Thai Restaurant in Logan

Many old timers (where does that place me?) in Cache Valley will remember the Cottage Restaurant tucked behind the Baugh Motel. Since that time there have been a couple of other restaurants that have come and gone from the location. It is a nice little restaurant with patio dining during the summer months and nice clean dining areas throughout the small building. It is a relaxing place to enjoy a meal.

A few weeks ago, the Thai House opened for business and I had been looking for a chance to try it out. This past week, I had a little extra time for a late lunch, so I stopped by to see what it was like. It was a late lunch so there were not a lot of people inside, but I was met quickly by a friendly host and directed to a table.

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The menu had a range of Thai offerings and they all looked good. I decided to have try the Pad Thai with chicken for lunch. It was a lunch special with an egg drop noodle soup to begin with. When you order, you can choose to have it mild to very spicy. This is given on a scale of 1 – 5. To test the waters, I chose a “3”. This had nice heat, but not overwhelming. Next time, I will probably step up to a little spicier addition.

The food was served piping hot and had a great flavor. If you like Thai food, I would definitely check out the Thai House. Take some friends and enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner. I don’t think you will be disappointed. It is located at 51 West 200 South in Logan.

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