Museums You Have To Visit In Cache Valley

Cache Valley has a rich history and culture that can best be seen at one of its many museums. Each museum is unique and offers exhibits that highlight the valley in different lights. In order to get the full scope of the valley, make sure to visit each museum.

American West Heritage Center

This museum prides itself on being a living history center. Located in Wellsville, American West Heritage Center offers many hands-on activities that the whole family can participate in to discover what it was like to live in the Old West. Dip candles or dress up as a pioneer here for the full frontier experience.

The center doesn’t just have activities – it also has historical exhibits that show the history of Cache Valley. Find out about the early settlers here. Check it out at 4025 U.S. 89 in Wellsville.

Hyrum Museum

Like the American West Heritage Center, the Hyrum Museum focuses heavily on early Cache Valley. Beginning with prehistoric Lake Bonneville and ending with the mid-twentieth century, this museum shows what life was like for the earliest inhabitants to ones who are still alive today. Check out the artifacts to discover the true culture of Cache Valley at 50 W. Main St. in Hyrum.

Museum of Anthropology

Located in the Old Main building on the Utah State University campus, this museum features exhibits about the Great Basin, Polynesia and many other places around the world.

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The Museum of Anthropology also has special programs every Saturday night that display different parts of the world. Discover the entire world without having to leave Cache Valley at this museum.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Also located on the USU campus, this museum displays different kinds of art. From modern to contemporary visual, the museum has one of the largest collections in Utah.

Though the museum focuses on modern artwork, there is a lot of Native American and historical ceramic artwork that can be seen. This museum is located at 650 N 1100 E to the east of the Kent Concert Hall on campus.

USU Geology Museum

If rocks, minerals and fossils are more your speed, don’t miss the USU Geology Museum. The museum has prehistoric fossils that are unique to this area. Discover exactly what Cache Valley is made of here. This museum is located in room 203 of the Geology building on USU’s campus.
Intermountain Herbarium

This museum has more than 237,000 plant specimens for you to behold. Of that 237,000, half are from this region and half are exotic, so don’t go in expecting to see your average plants. This museum is located at 5305 Old Main Hill on the Utah State University campus.

Whether you’re interested in the physical landscape of the valley, the early settlers or modern artwork, Cache Valley has a museum that is perfect for you.

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