Logan’s Heroes Serving Great Sandwiches to Cache Valley

You have driven by it. It has been there for maybe 20 years. But, have you really noticed it? There is a mainstay in the downtown area of Logan called Logans Heroes. You wouldn’t think much of it, but walk inside and you still might be underwhelmed. You have to try the sandwiches and meet Hamid to know why people keep coming back to this place.

As far as I am concerned, this is the place to go if you want a fresh sandwich, chips and a drink. There are no pretenses, just good food with a local flair. This is a place where you are not forgotten. Go there once a year and the owner will remember you. It feels like home.

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There are a dozen different sandwiches available and they are packed with whatever you want on them in the way of lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, pickles, etc.

I am not going to tell you a specific sandwich because every sandwich that I have eaten there has been good. From the Gyro to the Italian, they are good. You will enjoy it for a sandwich when you go.

Logans Heroes is located at 101 South Main in Logan, Utah. The phone number is 435-750-0110. It is right on the corner and the parking is a little tough, but there should be places within a couple of hundred feet … and the walk is nice.

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