Study by Apiary Fund Identifies Four Best Habits of Top Traders

Behaviors can help improve skills

OREM, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ApiaryFundApiary
released the results of a six-month study to determine the
habits used by their best traders. The study, which included more than
1,000 Apiary funded members, identified four key attributes traders use
to help increase success.

“The study showed some logical, yet telling results people can consider
in their trading practices,” said Nate Allred, principal trader at
Apiary Fund. “We found effective traders continue their education, trade
daily, utilize support groups, and don’t hold onto losing trades.”

  1. Attend classes. The study found traders who regularly
    attend live classes or workshops
    were more auspicious. About 87
    percent of Apiary funded traders participated in a class within seven
    days of the study. In contrast, only about 25 percent of unfunded
    traders participated in live classes.
  2. Trade daily. Those who consistently traded at the same time
    every day were more successful.
  3. Participation in forums. Support groups within forums, chat
    rooms or social media groups helped traders succeed.
  4. Hold losing trades for less time. Those who held losing trades
    for less time and winning trades for more time did better. Some have a
    tendency to hold losing trades in hopes of recouping losses, but those
    who don’t did better over time.

“Our goal with the study was to determine where we can focus to help
fund more traders at a faster pace,” said Allred. “We looked at hundreds
of different variables and found these four clearly make the biggest
difference among our own group of traders – good habits that can be used
by any trader.”

Apiary Fund will release future articles
detailing fundamentals of each of the four habits.

The Apiary Fund is a proprietary trading fund. Members receive access to
trading training and coaching. They learn by trading unfunded practice
accounts. When they reach a certain level of trading skill, they receive
an account and trade using Apiary’s money. As they succeed, the fund
shares a significant part of the profits with them.

Located in Orem, Utah, Apiary Fund is a private company that develops
traders and provides people the opportunity to seek flexible income
trading with Apiary’s money. Through technology and education, Apiary
Fund empowers traders with tools to work toward their path to success.


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